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When you want to sell your unwanted vehicle, I Buy Cars is a great choice.  Firstly, we are a fully licenced and insured car buyer that has the experience in the auto industry to provide the best services and highest payouts.  Our system is one that is simple.  We pay cash for cars, cash for scrap cars and cash for unwanted cars.  As professional buyers that both resell & wreck vehicles, we can purchase any vehicle of any year and with any level of damage.

Our business is one that has grown tremendously.  We thank our expert car appraisers, technicians, and customer service reps, as well as vehicle owners that want the best deal on their vehicle, and to leave the smallest imprint on the environment.  Our standard is eco-friendly removals and disposals.  We accomplish this by removing entire vehicle collections and company fleets, as well as single autos at one scheduled appointment.  We also practice car wrecking and disposals.

Sell Your Unwanted Cars

We have built our company, and the services we offer to be one that doesn’t take up valuable time or inconvenience car sellers.  Our services include:

  • Cash for Cars – As car buyers that buy–Nissan, Ford, Suzuki, Subaru, etc., of any model and year, and we pay cash for vehicles whether they are in used condition or scrap.  Our customers don’t wait around for their cash payments.  We pay on the spot.  Our cash for cars offers reaches up to $8999.
  • Free Used Car Removals and Free Scrap Car Removals – As the convenient car buyer in perth, we offer free car removals.  We collect vehicles in every suburb of perth, in a quick and courteous manner.  We simply arrive when you’d like us to collect, inspect and load the auto.  Before we leave, you will have our cash offer in your hand.
  • We Provide All Paperwork – When you sell your vehicle, a sales contract is necessary.  This is so that the deal is legally binding, transferring the ownership of the vehicle to the new owner.  At I Buy Cars, we provide the sales contract so that all you have to be concerned with is signing the agreement.
  • We Offer Eco-Friendly Vehicle Disposals – At I Buy Cars, we believe in keeping the environment green.  We do this by removing scrap and accident vehicle to wreck & recycle.  This system is one that helps to keep the environment green, and puts great cash payments in the hands of the vehicle owner.

Our company is one that offers instant value on all vehicles we buy.  We are also one that makes fair cash offers by taking all things into consideration of the vehicle, including the weight and size of the vehicle, and its metals.  It is this system that allows us to provide our customers with the fairest cash offers on vehicles.

We also offer an easy means to obtain cash quotes.  To obtain a cash quote from I Buy Cars, simply contact us through our company line, or complete our “Get a Quote” form that is located on our web page.  We will ask that you provide our car appraiser with the make, model, condition, year, vehicle identification number and odometer reading of your vehicle.

Once received, we will make you a cash for cars offer on your car, truck, 4×4, Jeep, Ute, van, SUV, or motorcycle.

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To get your vehicle sold today, simply give I Buy Cars a call.  We are your used & scrap car buyer in that makes instant cash payments on any auto of any make and condition.

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